Goddess of Luck - Thin Strap Long Dress

Goddess of Luck - Thin Strap Long Dress

confident, cool, silky, soul and eco friendly
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Sustainable Fabric : Vegan Silk 

Eco-Friendly Content :  %100 ENKA Natural Fibers Viscose - Satinette Crepe

A lightweight, glossy and renewable silky woven



Water & Air Series - The Seed of Life - The Flower of Life

- The miraculous spirit of the water element unites you with your divine feminine courage!

- You have personalized your Lady Faith design with your own aura, now you are ready to be one with your inner magic.

- Your crystal charm is always right beside you.

- You are so loved and protected.

- If you’re looking for change you can easily pursue it, give your dreams a chance.

- You are extremely precious, trust your heart, and know that you are amazing just the way you are.