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Goddess of Love - Aşk Tanrıçası - Wrap Skirt -Pareo -Etek

Goddess of Love - Aşk Tanrıçası - Wrap Skirt -Pareo -Etek

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Fabric: Sustainable - Hazanbel - Lyocell - Eco Friendly

Goddess of Love


Water Series - The Seed of Life

- The miraculous spirit of the air element unites you with your divine feminine love .

- You have personalized your Lady Faith design with your aura, now you are ready to be one with your inner magic.

- Know that you are capable of doing your best when you do it with love. It’s time to experience love passionately in the realms of your heart.

- You are so loved and protected.

- New relationships are about to flourish; be ready to welcome unexpected miracles.


- You are extremely precious, trust your heart, and know that you are amazing just the way you are.