Graduating from New York Parsons School of Design as a fashion designer , she began working at at world-renowned fashion label Diane Von Furstenberg for 4 years as one of the 3 head textile-print designers.

She was also in charge of the entire scarf & shawl collection design for the brand, personally positioned by Diane herself. Nazlı, also was awarded an O1-B extraordinary talent/artist visa by US government, as an artist in 2018, due to her successful background, achievements and media recognition.

Transferring her personal art onto conscious fabrics, Nazli blurs the line between fashion and art, enabling people to gravitate towards garments that transform into a means to reflect one’s personality into the world while transcending the borders of ephemeral trends.

That’s what she calls: WEARABLE ART THERAPY

Moving back to Istanbul as a DVF brand ambassador, she launched Lady Faith, a mindful lifestyle brand, inspired by her paintings and her spiritual journey.

Integrating art therapy techniques into her designs while building a mindful brand, Nazlı is incorporating the energy of colors and the frequency-enhancing power of sacred geometric symbols into her patterns and artworks to empower universal female energy and to merge healing into the collective consciousness.