The brand offers ready to wear items by integrating art therapy techniques, incorporating the energy of colors and the frequency-enhancing power of sacred geometric symbols.

The main purpose is uniting people with their spiritual journey while crafting items that subconsciously raises one’s energy.

This is what we called wearable art therapy.

Referring to the designs as wearable art therapy, each item is a combination of the designer’s spiritual learnings.

Fascinated by the concept of channeling positive frequencies through art, the designer, aims to craft pieces that make people feel their magic both on the inside and the outside.

The hidden messages in designs have one goal: to embrace the art therapy as a bridge to inspire self enlightenment, to use the transformative power of art, to create vibrant, versatile and conscious garments that are stylish, comfy and easy to wear.

Empowering women to give a chance to their own calling by art therapy, each Lady Faith item is hand-drawn and designed by Nazli herself, down to the finest detail. Lady Faith comes to life with love and respect to Mother Earth.

The artistic designs, in which emotions and intentions are coded, are produced with eco-friendly fabrics such as vegan fibers, tencel, lyocell, cotton, recycled polyamide and sustainable bamboo viscose.